Sun, 26 Sep 2021

My discovery has gone viral on BBC Earth!  Here’s the backstory…

It’s official, with over 10 million hits on the Facebook clip alone, the story that I discovered and revealed to the team who filmed the BBC America TV series EDEN: UNTAMED PLANET (episode 4) has become a smash hit!  It all started innocently enough five years ago

Mon, 20 Sep 2021

What do four best friends do on a Sunday in Galapagos, now that the pandemic is well behind us (in these island at least)?  Well, we decided to go have some fun by looking for our ‘inner tortoise’, that hardy trait that bound us all together during the long months of lockdown

Fri, 20 Aug 2021

On May 1st last year, six weeks into total lockdown, I wrote down some thoughts about my new way of life, exploring my new micro-universe made of three shipping containers-cum-tiny-house, placed on a friend’s unused town plot tucked up against the Galapagos National Park boundary…

Tue, 1 Sep 2020

Four months have passed and not much at all has changed in Galapagos, except the curfew has been lifted and the eerie nightly loudhailers have stopped.  There’s been some placard waiving by people who want the government to bail them out of their debts, but the public entities…

Fri, 1 May 2020

On Saturday, March 14 of this year, life in the Galapagos Islands was humming along happily.  Planeloads of tourists, smiling, were filing aboard their respective tour boats for their trip of a lifetime among Darwin’s Islands, and the tourism-based local economy was looking forward to high season.  But the very next day ….

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